News on New. Also David Bowie Is.

We've been working away in the custom shop on shirts for other local businesses* but we have a few new things in the retail store.

*Watch us work on Chicago Canine Rescue tees:

NEW retail store things:

Handmade Soap

Handmade Soap

3'x5' Chicago Flag

3'x5' Chicago Flag

Check out these neat Hooley messenger bags made from recycled vinyl banners, handcrafted in South Africa, and this wine rack metal sculpture by local artist PH Metal Creations (a.k.a. Lyn's Dad).

Hello I used to be A VINYL BANNER

Hello I used to be USED BARN STAKES & NUTS

One of the original intentions of our blog---two websites ago, before non-computer work piled up and that blog got neglected---was to feature some of our unique clients and their events.  Latest on press: DAVID BOWIE IS, a Museum of Contemporary Art September 23, 20014 - January 4, 2015 engagement.  

If you're local and haven't heard yet (and happen to be reading this on September 23), HAPPY DAVID BOWIE DAY IN CHICAGO!   

Until next time,