Our biggest news of 2015: REP CHI take two, 4427 N. Milwaukee Avenue. Chicago IL 60630

Welp, 2015 is certainly off to a running start!  We have some HUGE news:

The vacant store front next to us is no longer vacant.


We got this yesterday:

Jeremy put it best:

IT'S OFFICIAL!! We had a great holiday season this year and we can't imagine Rep Chi being anywhere but right here in Jeff/Portage Park, so we just signed the lease on the store directly next to us so we can expand! This more than doubles our current floorspace. Aside from that, we've got lots of super-secret ideas up our sleeves that we'll be doing with this new space, so stay tuned over the next few weeks!!

Most importantly, we again want to say THANK YOU. A lot of folks didn't think a little shop like ours would sustain here. YOU are the ones who proved those folks wrong. And it seriously means the world to us.
Hugs and High Fives,

-Jeremy, Lyndsey, Ian and Romi