City Seal Patch


Approx. 3x3" with heat seal/iron-on'able backing.


Some history with your purchase?  You're my kind of person!  Along the bottom of the shield says "Urbs in horto."  As per the Chicago Park District's website:  In the 1830s, Chicago's emerging government adopted this Latin phrase meaning "City in a Garden."  (click here for more Urbs in horto knowledge)

The Chicago Public Library's website tells us,

The shield represents the national spirit of Chicago. The Indian represents the discoverer of the site of Chicago. The ship in full sail is emblematic of the approach of civilization and commerce. The sheaf of wheat is typical of activity and plenty. The infant in the shell is the ancient and classical symbolism of the pearl, and Chicago, situated at the neck of the lake signifies that it shall be "the gem of the lakes.



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