It began with a pinback button press and turned into a full-time custom and original screen printing shop.  After years of street festivals and even longer to save up for a storefront, REP CHI calls the Northwest Corridor home.

We like making shirts.  Each of the designs on repchi.com are screen printed in-house by screen printing nerds (you may know it as "silk screening" however screens are made of polyester threads instead of silk these days). Anyway... we'll go on and on about inks, methods, and mesh counts if you let us.  Some of the shirts are of a limited print-run—demo tees may be in vinyl—and once they're sold out, they're gone for good.  We have a few favorites that we'll keep around but we hope you come back every now and then to see new things that we've got!

When we're not occupied with screen printing, we keep our hands busy making random things for the store.  You'll also find some of our friend's wares here, too.

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Like the stuff you find here?  Please come visit!  In addition to everything on this website, there are lots and lots of other items to buy at our retail location in Jefferson Park / Portage Park, Chicago at 4425 N. Milwaukee Avenue, just north of Montrose.


    Featured in  USAToday's 10Best !

    Featured in USAToday's 10Best!

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Lyn (a.k.a. Scream Printer), Owner/Designer

Lyn (a.k.a. Scream Printer), Owner/Designer

Ian, Screen Printer

Ian, Screen Printer

Candy, Designer/Maker

Candy, Designer/Maker

Bonsai,  Chicago Canine Rescue 2007 Alum    Blooregard,   Chicago Canine Rescue 2014 Alum

Bonsai, Chicago Canine Rescue 2007 Alum

Blooregard, Chicago Canine Rescue 2014 Alum