How are we green?

All of the screen printing inks that we use are phthalate-free and contain no heavy metals---which are often associated with the screen printing and ink industry.  Our inks are absent of Formaldehyde, Cadmium, Azo, Chromium, Nickel, Lead, Tin, Chlorinated Organic Solvents, Disperse Dyes, Tri-, Tetra- and Penta- chlorophenols.  The raw material in these inks earn a classification as 100% Non-Toxic.  White inks are free from bleach additives.

We have a near-zero scrap and reject rate and after jobs are complete, we recycle all inks back into their containers.  We chose not to use aerosol products in our shop (also heavily used throughout the Industry) and all of our reclaim solutions are soy/citrus/mineral based, rather than the caustic chemicals typically found in a screen room.  We don't want to breathe in toxic chemicals while we work so we keep them out of our lab.

On the offset side, we offer recycled paper options for many of the print products available on our *online upload/design Print Shop* and environmentally-conscious inks and soy-based solvents are incorporated during offset production.  The waste produced by offset soy inks do not pose a threat to the environment unlike its petroleum-based counterpart.